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Please join us for our wedding celebration on September 30, 2016

Our Story

Ashley and Kris met in at Campus Middle School and continued a friendship throughout high school. They would occasionally see each other when they were both home on breaks from college, but they didn't start dating until they both moved back after college in 2008. After they both realized their love for the Broncos, college football, kickball teams, bowling leagues, and of course each other they were inseparable from then on out. They bought their first house together and can't wait to continue to grow together.

Kris planned the perfect proposal for the two of them. On a random Wednesday night Kris's parents and Ashley's mom were over for dinner. Kris was dilly dallying upstairs (like usual) and called Ashley up to help him fix something (RIGHT in the middle of making dinner). Ashley went upstairs to find Kris acting strange. She turned to get something to help Kris and when she looked back he was on one knee asking for her hand. Of course she said yes, as well as how annoyed she was her nails looked terrible and she hated her outfit, but overall was over the moon. They went downstairs and were greeted with glasses of champagne from their family. About 10 minutes later 30 of their closest friends (who were waiting patiently outside until it happened) showed up to celebrate the big news. At first Ashley thought a few of the girls were on a walk in the neighborhood until the line of them didn't stop coming! It was a fabulous and perfect evening.

We can't wait to celebrate with you all!!